Sunday, July 23, 2006

posted by Ofer

Bridges and Milk Factories

I honestly don't understand our current military strategy in Lebanon. The declared agenda is to disarm Hizbollah's militia and to retrieve our two captured solders. I think both are very worthy causes. However, I don't see how destroying Lebanon's infrastructure helps us achieve these goals, or serves any of our other long-term interests.

Hizbollah has a dangerous split-personality disorder. On one hand, they are a radical militant organization with the dream of erasing Israel from the map. On the other hand, they build and fund hospitals, schools, and mosques in the forsaken south Lebanon. By destroying Lebanon's infrastructure, we are setting the scene for Hizbollah's come-back. Even if we temporarily disarm them, especially of we temporarily disarm them, they will single-handedly rebuild Lebanon and win the hearts of the Lebanese public. Our current actions in Lebanon will be the fuel of Hizbollah's rise to power. What are we doing ?

Hamas too has this split-personality disorder. Today, in the Palestinian territories, Hamas is synonymous with welfare, dignity and honesty. We brought the democratic rise of Hamas on ourselves, and we are making the same mistake in Lebanon.


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