Wednesday, July 26, 2006

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There is something dishonest about the discourse on this current war in Israel-Lebanon. Especially on the side of those protesting against Israel's actions (which I too believe are disproportionate). And especially in the Arab world. It is dishonest because I feel (or know in some cases) many of the protestors don't even fully accept Israel's right to exist even inside the green line (giving up the occupied lands).
Listen to Iran's president
Listen to Nasrallah
Listen to the Hamas leaders
They do not accept Israel's right to exist at all. Even if deep inside they know Israel is here to stay and only use the incitement for internal political reasons.
This is what causes the deep Israeli mistrust of its arab neighbours. This is what cuases Israelis to think that we must hit back hard every time we are attacked in order to deterr our enemies. This is what causes Israelis to be very cautious about giving back the entire Palesitinian land (which could be used as a base for attacks, as Gaza is these days). This is what causes Israelis to be happy we have nuclear weapons.
But there are today other voices in the Arab world: Egypt, Jordan, Mahmoud Abas, Siniora, the Saudis. If these voices will have some more weight to them than public opinion in Israel, and thus the government policy, will change. It is already changing. But don't expect us to sit quietly when those who openly call for our destruction attack us.


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