Wednesday, July 26, 2006

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Justifying Israel's Policy in Lebanon

Over the past few days, I've been reading several Lebanese blogs. Some of the posts are very insightful and well written. I added some links from this site to the blogs I found most eye-opening. I recommend them to every Israeli, especially the ones convinced we are doing everything right.

Most of these blogs deal with the humanitarian crisis in Lebanon, which is, without a doubt, terrible. Moreover, I think it could have been avoided. Some of the posts in these Lebanese blogs go so far as to question the humanity and morals of Israelis. "What kind of people could do such a thing ? Don't they have children of their own ?" Even though I am not a great supporter of our current government or of this war, I am an Israeli patriot and I feel compelled to answer in the name of my country. So here goes:

We like to think of ourselves as compassionate people, and we hold ourselves to a high moral standard. We also like to think of ourselves as a peace loving people, with the dream of living in harmony with our neighbors. You will not find Israelis dancing in the streets, handing out sweets, celebrating the deaths of Lebanese civilians. The tragedy in Lebanon is a terrible one, and we are fully aware of our responsibility for it. But, our government is faced with an almost impossible choice: either
stop our attacks and allow Hizbullah to continue terrorizing us, or continue fighting Hizbullah at the expense of more innocent Lebanese casualties. Its a very difficult choice to make, both alternatives are bad, and the only thing to do is to choose the lesser of the two evils. The government of Israel is forced to choose the alternative which favors Israelis over Lebanese. Any government in the world would favor its own people if faced with this choice. There is no racism at play here, Lebanese lives are as sacred as our own. But at the end of the day, every government has to do what's best for its own people, even if it is at the expense of someone else who has done us no harm. Believe me, most Israelis do not take any joy in the suffering of the Lebanese. I think that the Israeli government made some bad choices over the past two weeks, but overall, Israel really doesn't have much of a choice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What you're saying is very logical and decent, but unfortunatly your view does not represent that of your leaders at all, and if you believe it does, then the facts ant attacks on the ground in Lebanon prove you wrong. I hate to admit it and to believe it, but nothing less than racism and spite can justify some of the acts being carried out here, like the killing today of 50 refugees hiding in a shelter in Qana (is it a wink to 1996?do u remember that day?), 20 of them children, like warning villagers to leave their village and right after that shelling their fleeing convoys...
Peace won't come with violence, the cycle is only being perpetuated. You need to solve the core problem. There's no other choice than to clean your government up, and vote for serious intelligent people ready for a two-state solution. Just as the solution in Lebanon is for it to control and own all of its land, empower its government and have a single military power(something that has become very difficult with the all-out blows it has received recently).
Fear is blinding and only pushes you further and further away from a true solution. Don't give in to it.

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