Saturday, July 29, 2006

posted by Elad

A question of motivation

Most military experts agree that the Hezbollah is an extremely professional guerrilla/terror organization. One cannot but admire the effectiveness of their operations versus what is considered by many the best military in the middle east. Sure, the Hezbollah uses guerrilla tactics and has no moral inhibitions (by which i mean using Lebanese civilians as human shields, hiding command centers inside hospitals and schools etc.). But still, the Hezbollah seems to be functioning well and almost unharmed after more than two weeks of bombardment. Is seems Nassralla has complete control from his hiding place, promising a new "surprise" to the Israelis and delivering almost instantly.

It is clear that the Hezbollah fighters are extremely motivated and well trained. And I wonder: where is this motivation coming from ? What gives them the strength and will to carry through after more than six years that Israel is no longer a player in the Lebanese arena ? Why didn't we see such devotion versus the Syrians or during the internal Lebanese wars?

After the Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon I predicted a sharp decline in motivation from the Hezbollah to fight Israel. My mistake is very apparent. Most Israelis agree that the Hezbollah is the most organized, well trained and motivated enemy we ever faced. While you'd expect such motivation from a people fighting for independence, say the Palestinians, the Hezbollah is a mystery.


Blogger the perpetual refugee said...

Elad, it is no mystery.

Just like I wished Nasrallah asked me (as if we're buddies or something) before kidnapping and killing Israeli soldiers, I wish the Israelis asked me (as if we're buddies or somethiing) before they entered by ground.

Hizbullah was a baby with a revolutionary cause in '82. After 2000, they had a new cause (excuse more like it). Shaba'a is the excuse. The Palestinian's decline was their fuel. And never underestimate Nasrallah.

I never liked him. I hate his ideology. I've never supported him or his group. I actively worked against them. But I always respected the man and the machine. He believes what he says. He does what he says. He gets his hands dirty. He's charismatic. He's very smart (or somewhat delusional). But very smart. And he has helped his community in more ways than the government could ever (prior to this war mind you).

People of all religions and all nationalities have been taken under his spell for varying reasons. The fact that Hizbullah fighters are highly motivated should not be any surprise.

The only way to fight Nasrallah and Hizballah's influence is econmmically and socially. The Shi'ite community must know that they have a viable, peaceful future in their country. Bombs, bullets and the rest of Lebanese society blaming them will only worsen things.

4:16 PM  
Blogger ran said...

But mister 'refugee', the Shaba'a farms sound more like an excuse than a real cause to fight for. Israel doesn't claim Sahba'a farms for itself. It thinks it is Syrian land and should be negotiated with them and not with hizbullah.
I think that's what Elad is trying to say. For example, Israelis have motivation to fight (as you can see very clearly lately...) because they want to live in Israel and feel their neighbours don't seem to agree with that at all.
I feel that the fuel to the jihad is religious. That as long as Israel exists (with or without the occupied lands) they will have motivation.

1:32 AM  
Blogger Elon said...

They have the same motivation as the settlers in Hebron, Talmon and many other places filled by the more zealous students of Rabbi Kook Sr. and Jr. They are religious fanatics, they have a direct line with god, and for some reason he tells them to chase the foreign infidels out of the holy land. Sadly, this appears to be one of the best fuels when it comes to motivation for self sacrifice, especially at war.

1:44 AM  
Blogger howie said...


I bet money you are not religious. Most of these guys are likely both very religious and very nationalistic and very brainwashed and full of hate.

You are thinking of logical/strategic objectives. These guys are fueled by hate, jihad, arrorgance (i.e. being admired by millions of Moslems). They are the hero kicking around big bad Israel with a stick.

Israel and Israeli's constantly underestimate these types of folks. We are playing THEIR game, their type of war...and they play very smart and plenty dirty...and I don't think they can lose. Even if Israel "wins" whatever that means...they come out heros to a huge segment. Israel's only chance is to forge some kind of peace with Lebanon and with international pressure...then put the squeeze on these dudes...who most Lebanese don't particularly love either.

7:43 AM  

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