Monday, July 31, 2006

posted by ran

The Red Fields

From within the the factories, from within the offices
From between our women's legs, from amongst our children
The siren will take us,
To the red fields

Every war has a womb, we are born
Every fear has life, we hadn't known before
Diverted (pervert) men we were, fathers and husbands
We have become hunters in the red fields

How years have gone by,
The tribe is returning
To the red fields

Words: Hilel Mitelpunkt
This is a song from an Israeli rock opera called "Mami" staged in Tel Aviv in 1986, after the first Israeli war in Lebanon. It tells the story of a wife (Mami her name) to an Israeli soldier from a poor town who is injured in war and goes into a coma. After being abused and raped herself she becomes a fascist who leads Israel to another deadly war. It was a popular show amongst young people and in a way it predicted the breaking of the first Intifadah a year later.


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