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posted by Ofer

Nasrallah, Prepare to Meet Your Maker

Lets face it, Israel doesn't know how to fight a guerrilla resistance which hides behind civilians. We don't train for it. We aren't equipped for it. We're simply very ineffective at it. We're clumsy and we make far too many mistakes. The IDF trains for real war (i.e. tank vs. tank, plane vs. plane) and for urban warefare against Hamas-style terrorists. Fighting Hizballah guerrillas requires completely different tactics which Israeli soldiers don't know.

But there is something that we are very good at. Its the clean, precision warfare that inspires hollywood filmmakers.

April 16, 1988: Khalil Al-Wazir (a.k.a Abu Jihad), second in command of the PLO, is shot at close range in his home in Tunis at 2am, along with his bodyguards. His wife and children, present during the operation, were not harmed. The shooters quietly disappear into the darkness of the night.

February 16, 1992: Israeli helicopters attack a motorcade on an open road in southern Lebanon, killing Abbas Musawi, secretary-general of Hizballah. The helicopters waited patiently for the motorcade to move out of a populated area before firing upon it. His wife and child are also killed in the attack.

October 26, 1995: Fathi Shkaki, secretary-general of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, is shot at close range in Malta by two men on a motorcycle. The two calmly drive away and are never seen again.

January 5, 1996: Yehia Ayash (a.k.a. "The Engineer"), head bomb-maker for the Hamas, receives a call on his mobile phone. As he answers, the phone explodes into his head, killing him on the spot.

Israel knows how to hunt down the heads of terror. The four examples given above were all very paranoid men, very discrete and well protected by multiple bodyguards. They are dead today simply because Israel is very very good at this.

Since I'm sure that some wise-ass will comment about the failed attempt at killing Khaled Mashal in Jordan, I'll reply to this preemptively. The Mashal operation was significantly more pretentious than anything before it: they wanted him to appear to die of natural causes. The important point being that, despite his bodyguards and his discrete schedule, the Mossad agents managed to step up to the guy, pierce a microscopic hole in his eardrum and spray a deadly biological agent into his middle-ear. While all of this was going on, all Mashal's bodyguards saw was a man brushing up against Mashal, like a pick-pocket. Apparently, this was enough for them to act and that's what foiled the plot. The mossad agents could have easliy shot Mashal and his guards at close range, if that's what Israel wanted to do. Under Jordanian and US pressure, Israel turned over the antidote a few days later.

Dear Nasrallah. You are indeed victorious now. The morale of your followers couldn't be higher. You are a gifted speaker and a charismatic leader. You are the living heartbeat of your organization. Everything that is Hizballah revolves around you, and precisely this will be your downfall. Because when Israel gets you, and we will, your death will bring down your entire militant organization. Prepare to meet your maker.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, i am pretty mortified to read your latest post. I think hate has finally reached you. You've joined the IDF fantasy who is precisely fighting another fantasy.It is terrible to watch bloggers falling in the hate trap.That is exactly where martial strategy and, above all, worship for arms and power, are waiting for all of us, who, so far, have trusted dialogue.Sorry for my bad english and my pessimism.

12:16 PM  
Blogger the perpetual refugee said...

I agree with anonymous.

You seem to have tasted the blood and the feeding frenzy has begun.

I'm not sure how our two nations will ever see eye to eye with this sort of hero worship.

12:29 PM  
Blogger ran said...

Guys, assasination is exciting stuff, even if you disagree with the method or its targets. Most people enjoy a good action movie.
I don't think it is about hate. This is something different. I think basically it is about a feeling of control, which leads to a feeling of safety in this context of guerrilla warfare. The IDF will say that it achieves many goals in these killings - deterrence of other leaders, hurting their organization, etc. But for the Israeli public it is a simple sign of superiority. Nothing to do with hate. I admit that although I opposed this operation in Baalbeq watching it on TV gave me a feeling of safety and superiority(it lasted 2 minutes, until the IDF officers started talking...).
Ofer, what have we gained from Abbas Musawi's killing ? Nasrallah replaced him, and the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires has been attacked a month later in retaliation, killling 29.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Ofer said...

Dear commenters,

If you've read my posts on this blog over the past weeks, you know that I am against targeting Lebanese infrastructure, that I am truely saddened by the deaths of innocent Lebanese and that I am not affraid to critisize my leaders' strategies. I think that qualifies me as someone who has not fallen into any traps and who is not blindly eating up the propaganda served to me by either side. For this reason, I respectfully reject your critisizm of me.

I see myself as a pragmatic compassionate man who wants peace and is willing to compromise for it. But please don't mistake my alliance. I am a proud Israeli patriot. I was an officer in the IDF, now I am in the reserves. I was born in Jerusalem, and I believe that my place is here, in the Middle East, in Jerusalem. All I want is to peacefully raise my family here, without fearing to ride a bus or to go to the shopping mall. I think Lebanese and Palestinians are entitled to the same.

Nasrallah is responsible for the deaths of many Israeli civilians and soldiers. I didn't know any of them personally, but every day I open the paper dreading to see a picture of a former classmate or neighbor who was killed in this war. Many more Lebanese have died, but that doesn't make Nasrallah less responsible for the Israeli deaths. The Lebanese are great at explaining how bwd their situation is, btut fail to understand that we too are human. We are angry, we are afraid, we want justice to be served. I feel that it is vital for my personal safety that Nasrallah dies. I also feel that this will be doing justice to those that have died. I feel that, in the long run, his death will improve the chances for peace in the region. You may disagree with all of these points, but you can't dismiss them as words of hate or of rage. Its my legitimate subjective opinion.

Whenever Europeans critisize Israelis, we brush it off as antisemitism, even if the critisizm is correct. In the same way, when a peace-loving dove like myself says that using military force can be a good thing, you guys immediately draw the "hate-trap" card. I'm telling you that you don't know what you're talking about. I'm exactly the kind of Israeli you want on the other side of the debate table. Friendly, humane and willing to compromise. With the same breath, I tell you that I want Nasrallah's head on a plate. I don't see a contradiction.

2:27 PM  
Blogger Yonatan said...

There is a difference between wishing Nasrallah dead, and wanting his head on a plate. I think this is what the first two comments are motivated by - Ofer seems to be gloating in the original post.

This also goes to what Ran wrote - that we want to feel superior. We are sane, rational, peace seekers who want to be benevolent neighbors to people in the surrounding countries, but nonetheless, we want to be superior.

It's so much easier to trust the other side, when you have the power to destroy him if he misbehaves. And it makes perfect sense, too. We know that we are sane and peace-loving, so it's us who should be superior.

Not to mention the shadow of the Holocaust, that once you dig deep enough is always there - we know what happens when we are not superior.

But the problem, I suspect, is that our sane, rational, peace-loving counterparts, for similar reasons, would like themselves to be superior.

2:46 PM  
Blogger Ofer said...

And to Ran: From Musawi's death we only gained Nasrallah, and in retrospect it may have been a mistake.

But the strong and charismatic Fathi Shkaki was replaced by the much weaker Ramadan Shelah. Clearly an improvement for us.

Its hard to imagine someone more charismatic and militant that Nasrallah replacing him. Hopefully, his death will lead to some inheritance wars (which are typical of these types of organizations) and we will only gain from this.

2:52 PM  
Blogger howie said...

Why shouldn't Nashrallah be hated? He has brought death, horror and destruction to both Jews, Christians and Moslems. I think he deserves to die...I hate him and I am not ashamed to say it and I rarely hate anybody.

Assisinating him will do little good. He will be a martyred hero...but at least terror leaders will continue to understand that they cannot hide in bunkers and send their children out to murder. Let them look over their shoulders.
So I see it more as justice and a mild deterrant...but him dying would be justice. He is responsible for enormous suffering.
I believe Ofer. I think Ofer cares a whole lot about peace and like so many Israelis, (and I lived in Jerusalem and I am married to an Israeli and I am there very often and have a nephew on his way to Lebanon right now, so I know what I am talking about), there is no desire for war. We just feel we are backed against a wall and we do not trust ANYBODY, and with a long history of good reason.

But we still have tried to sit with the other side...give us somebody we can talk to. But most of the Moslem world is not ready to accept us...Ahmedjani, there is a classic example.

7:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I got the link from Elon. Interesting blog.

Can't make a long story short, but I don't see in this blog sufficient attempts to address the claim that some Israeli generals and politicans are guilty of (state sponsored) terrorism that has cost the lives of many more civilians than those killed by Hizbullah. I think that this is highly relevant to this issue, since most Israelis are blind to the (well founded) argument shared by millions of decent people, including many Arabs: "Nasrallah is a bad guy, OK, but why are these arrogant people assassinating him and getting away with their own crimes?" This has huge consequences for our situation, includng the motivation among our neigbouring people to act against us.

In any case, here's some cool water for the Hebrew speakers among us, coming from a wise and experienced octagenarian:

Ofer N
(not the Ofer writing this blog)

12:31 AM  
Blogger Maddy said...

"Its the clean, precision warfare that inspires hollywood filmmakers."

These are real people you are talking about not hollywood stunt men.

Not the nicest entry I've read of yours Ofer.

11:29 AM  
Blogger Maddy said...

"assasination is exciting stuff"

"for the Israeli public it is a simple sign of superiority"

Ran, you too need to stop watching so many DVD's, these were real people. I'ts not "exciting", it's disturbing.

11:35 AM  
Blogger Ali said...


"Nasrallah is responsible for the deaths of many Israeli civilians and soldiers".

The same way that the Israeli Government is responsible for the deaths of many innocent Lebanese civilians. You don't see us (peace loving Lebanese) calling for their heads on a plate.

We have to find a way to put the killing aside once and for all. The death has to stop. Non of it is justified, this is not a way to live, and I definately do not respect your opinion.

1:46 PM  
Blogger Ginni said...

ok.. u think its a video game,,, bravo ISRAEL.... human life is lose change for u now... keep killing kids, women, eldery & OF course terrorists... but until u dnt strike at the real root the mailise of terrorism would never ebb...

9:19 PM  
Blogger howie said...

Well...let's say it for the millioneth time...though it will fall on deaf ears.

Israel's "terror" responses have been aimed at those who support terror. Terrorists often live among innocents and innocents will die sometimes in these conflicts. Hurting innocents is clearly NOT an Israeli policy and I have relatives, including my wife, who were and are Israeli soliders and I know how they are trained in this area.

From the "other" side...terror is a POLICY and part of the indoctrination. Killing innocents is celebrated and we have heard the words and have seen the celebrations and the bragging.

So don't give me this tired, ignorant moral equivalency arguement...because it is the one of the grandest of all lies.

The likes of Nasrallah, Arafat, Habash, Masralla, Haniyeh, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Sadam Hussien, Al Queada, Iran, Moslem Brotherhood, Al Aqasa ad nauseum have used the specific murder and targeting of civilians as an on-going policy. These civilians, by the way, need only be Jews..not even Israelis, to be sentenced to death.

So "peaceful Lebanese"...that is not quite true. You have had plenty of your own killing that you can only blame on yourselves, Druse, Sunni, Shia, Maronite, etc. have been pretty busy in the killing busy among themselves.

I don't worship any hero...I don't know one Israel who wants to be in this situation...but have people pretty much had enough of random suicide bombings, kidnappings, stabbing, murders, arsons, bombings, katuyshas, kassams, threats of annilation...yeah...we have had enough. Stop killing us and threatening us and we would make peace with you in a minute.

9:37 PM  
Blogger Ofer said...

People, you just don't get it. Stop with this "lets all kiss and make up" nonesense. We're talking about a mastermind of evil who dreams of murder and distruction in the name of his racist interpretation of Jihad. He is not "a human being", he is "a terrible dispicable evil human being". Do you think that the Allies should have forgiven Hitler during WW2 ? Do you think that the USA should forgive Bin Laden ? If you do then you are simply crazy.

I don't need any one of you to lecture me that this is not a game and that real people are involved. I am a real person and I live in this real nightmare every day of my life. The Lebanese may be sleepless for the past month, but I have been sleepless for my entire life. When I travel abroad, the first thing I do is I go to a movie theatre, because I am afraid to go to one in my home of Jerusalem for fear of a bomb. I never ever take the bus. My knees shake when I go to the mall. Every time I hear a bang my heart misses a beat. Am I not entitled to more ? Spare me your hypocritical judgemental lectures. Those of you who don't live here are the ones who live in a fairytale movie.

I know as well as anyone that this is not a game. Specifically, its not a game of "why can't we all just be friends". There are moderates on both sides who are willing to respect each other and that deserve to live with dignity. There are evil individuals who stand in the way of this dream and I have no moral reservations calling for their death.

The only way to deter future terrorism is to let the terrorists know that they too cannot sleep safely. The leaders of the Hamas get this message loud and clear. They don't sleep in the same place two nights in a row, because they know that our security forces will catch up with them if they do. This keeps them occupied, so they have less time to plan their evil.

Hunting down Nasrallah will make my world a significantly safer place. It will save the lives of hundreds. Its the smart, peace-loving, morally justified thing to do.

Diplomacy is a tool, military force is a tool. If the militants are allowed to use force but the moderates are not then the moderates will loose the battle. We must use both tools wisely and responsibly in an effort to make this region liveable for the moderates on both sides. All life is not equally sacred: Nasrallah's life is much less sacred than mine. Nasrallah's life is much less sacred than the life of anyone else who loves peace.

2:46 AM  
Anonymous sharon said...

Howie, You are right that those words fall on deaf ears. I don't hear an out cry about how Hezbollah is not only attacking Israeli citizens, but also targeting them, that they hide amongst civilian settlements to fight. How can so many people be so blind and/or gullible? I think in a lot of cases it is selective blindness. They just want to hate Israel.
I hear all these warm news stories about how Hezbollah helps the Lebanese. They have their hospitals and social services. Am I just overly suspicious and paranoid, or does it seem to anyone else that Hezbollah most likely has conned the Lebanese citizens into welcoming them into their country, using their "social services" as the ticket in? If Hezbollah cared so much about the innocent Lebanese people, why would they jeopardize their lives by fighting in their cities? Maybe I just think around to many corners.

Ofer, you wrote:
The only way to deter future terrorism is to let the terrorists know that they too cannot sleep safely.

What you say is correct. The nations of the world should all be uniting to end terrorism. A terrorist cannot be negotiated with. They need to be eradicated. They need to know that all nations will help to hunt them down. I guess I can dream once in a while.

I'm sorry you can't enjoy a simple movie in your own city.

3:31 AM  
Blogger howie said...


Thank goodness there are MANY Lebanese and others who are not at all suckered by Hizballah. Hitler ran little camps for youth etc. also.

This Blog is linked, I think, to "The Thinking Lebanese". The guy Faysal, though of course I can't always agree, is an honest, sharp and fair minded person that presents many sides...and does not abide Hizballah for a minute. Many Lebanese understand that Hizballah's ultimately goal is to assert a fully repressive Islamist theorcracy on Lebanon...and though they can't be terribly happy about having their country pounded by us, they have have NO love lost for "zevel" like Nasrallah.

6:52 PM  
Blogger John said...

Don't listen to the perpetual refugee. He's now labelling Israel's military offensive a "genocide". There is no denying the many Lebanese civilian casualties, but why resort to hyperbole?

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not a genocide, but we(Israelis and possibly all those vociferous Evangelist and Jewish right wing Americans) should be honest about the war crimes we are committing, or rather being committed in our name. See below. HRW is US based.

Ofer N

Human Rights Watch Accuses Israel of War Crimes For Indiscriminately Targeting Lebanese Civilians

HRW Emergencies Director Peter Bouckaert speaks from Beirut on the bombing of Qana, Israel’s use of cluster bombs, phosphorous weapons and depleted uranium.

12:52 PM  
Blogger Yonatan said...

Ofer N,
This issue of war crimes is far from being clear. Roughly, a war crime, accordingly to international law, is the intentional targeting of civilians.

This is not true of the Israeli attacks. They might be negligent, they might risk civilian death more than you'd like, but they are not intentionally tageting civilians.

Even if you don't believe that the IDF wouldn't do so for moral reasons, surely you agree that they are clever enough to understand the political consequences of intentionally tageting civilians.

The problem with international law, and the Geneva convention, is that they are more appropriate to mid 20th century wars, and less so to countries facing terror organiztions.

1:15 PM  
Blogger manallR said...

message to all those who think hezbollah are "terrorists" they, in fact are freedom fighters and were set up solely to fight for their land. If i came into your backyard, and called it my home, wat would you do? would you let me live there? i think not, you would fight me until i leave because its not my home, its YOURs. and just to show who the "terrorists" are, got to

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so proud that Hezbollah managed to put a dent in Israel's military "might."

6:08 PM  

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